Committed To Our Community

Committed To Our Community

NexBank is committed to making a positive impact in the community it lives, works and serves in.  Through loan programs, financial education, and community development, NexBank strives to make sustainable changes and build a stronger community for the residents of Dallas and other surrounding counties in the Dallas-Plano-Irving metropolitan division.

Loan Programs to help those in need of affordable housing

Mortgage loan programs for low- to moderate-income borrowers

To meet the diverse needs of low- to moderate-income borrowers in Texas, NexBank partners with organizations to create loan programs that offer mortgage-lending capital, and cover closing and title costs for borrowers.  NexBank has provided low- to moderate-income housing loans1 for over 1,400 families in Texas and our goal is to expand the program’s reach to help more residents achieve the American dream of home ownership.

Supporting Veterans of Texas

We show our thanks through donations and volunteerism as well as loan programs that give Veterans the opportunity to purchase land or a home. NexBank has provided low-interest loans with little or no money down to over 4,000 Texas veterans, military members and their families.2

Financial Literacy Education for schools in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods

Since 2016, NexBank has reached students in Dallas County Schools with an interactive computer program, to teach financial literacy. Students are taught the basics of financial literacy and are given the knowledge and skills to make smart financial decisions. 

In addition, NexBank employees volunteer at Dallas schools to teach Money Smart, the FDIC’s financial education curriculum.  NexBank employees also volunteer to help Dallas students prepare for the job market with career planning, resume and interviewing workshops.

Community Services

NexBank employees are committed to creating positive sustainable changes in the community through volunteerism, board of directors involvement and donations to benefit those in need.

Career Planning for Dallas Students

To help students explore career opportunities, our employees offer their experiences and expertise through career planning, resume and interviewing workshops.

Empowering Women

We work with organizations that offer women opportunities in housing, childcare and education and support the economic security and leadership potential of women and girls in our community. 

Helping the Homeless

Our partners help to provide housing, homeless recovery services and housing education to those in need.  NexBank is proud to be a sponsor of Homebase for Housing, a housing information and referral program that collaborates with local Dallas organizations and agencies to create an extensive resource center that includes housing search assistance, referrals for housing and utility payments, and other related supportive services. Learn more here.

Providing Special Care Housing and Counseling

We support organizations that help to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS through counseling, specialized care, and affordable housing options and leasing programs.

Community Development

Through our partners, NexBank supports the development of Dallas through grants and community–based real estate projects in low-income neighborhoods and give residents the opportunity to build a strong and caring community. 

NexBank and our partners offer access to capital for commercial real estate projects that benefit and serve the needs of Dallas families and communities.

Our Partners

NexBank thanks the organizations below for allowing us to reach more residents and make a larger impact in our community.

  • Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity
  • Houston Habitat for Humanity
  • Habitat for Humanity Texas
  • Dallas Neighborhood Homes
  • The Real Estate Council Community Fund
  • Texas Women’s Foundation
  • Banzai
  • Legacy Counseling
  • Homebase for Housing
  • Family Gateway
  • Texas Veterans
  • Dallas County - Molina High School
  • Cristo Rey Dallas 
  • Impact Dallas Capital
  • GrowSouth Fund
  • North Texas Food Bank
  • Mission Oak Cliff 


1.   Includes loans from 2017Y - 2020 Q2 YTD

2.  Texas Veterans Land Board Advisory – Loans from 2017Y - 2020 Q2 YTD